To Her

I’ll never forget just praying- “Please let her love my child. Please let her love my little boy“. And you do.

Since the very beginning, you’ve loved him with the selflessness and intensity I prayed for, as if he were your own. Even when I made it hard for you to do so. You’ve talked him through problems he’s had, you’ve consoled him when he’s been emotional.  You make sure and call him on his birthday and when he had big events going on. You remember it all.

He’s polite, shows compassion for others, can laugh at himself (very often), and is considered a joy by his teachers, coaches and the parents of his friends.  I couldn’t take full credit for any of his accomplishments. He is the sweet soul we’ve raised between two homes. So, thank you. Thank you for being patient and tolerant as we navigated this life we didn’t expect- a life that included each other. Above all else, thank you for selflessly loving and mothering him.

I know your life was never to include me. Believe me, mine was never to include you either. I grew up waiting to raise my children with the man I was going to marry and it would be us. A two person team. I know you never imagined being along for the ride, to raise a child you did not give birth to. No one truly grows up wanting this. But, God sometimes has other plans for our lives. God thought my son needed a four person team to raise him, rather than two. So then came you.

It hasn’t always been easy (that’s an understatement) and I’m sure it won’t always be easy from here on going forward.  Because of what we have been able to overcome in the past, I don’t see us not being able to overcome whatever the future holds.

Thank you for who you are, not only to him but to me.

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