Social Media & Your Relationship

Ahh…the topic no one really wants to talk about.  Maybe because you don’t want people to know what actually bothers you or maybe because you honestly don’t care about social media.  But the truth is, social media can be devastating to your relationship if you allow it to be.  Just as you can use your words/actions to put someone down in real life, you can do the same with social media without even realizing it.

I can’t tell you how many times I’m out and I see a couple or even a family out eating and every single person is on their phone scrolling through some form of social media. A time that is supposed to be dedicated to your significant other or your family, and everyone is giving their attention to everyone else via social media. You have to be able to dedicate time to your partner, where they have your absolute, undivided attention.

So many people are addicted to attention.  You post a new picture and you’d be a liar if you said you didn’t get excited if it received a lot of “likes”.  When you aren’t getting the attention you desire from your partner, a lot of the times, people go to social media for that attention.  It’s not the same, but it may feel the same temporarily (keyword: temporarily).  A lot of people go through times where they’re just not sure if they’re desirable to others, ESPECIALLY if they’re not feeling desired by their partner (the person who should desire them the most), therefore; comes the run to social media. Don’t be so consumed by attention from others that you forget to give attention to the one that matters.

“Liking” others pictures.  The hard one to talk about.  I know people on completely opposite sides of the spectrum on this one.  You’re either one who doesn’t care that your partner “likes” pictures of the opposite sex, or you’re one who doesn’t like it AT ALL.  Whichever one you are, you are not alone. There are plenty of both. To some, it’s just a “like” and to others it’s you showing the world that you like looking at someone else (more than you do them). The important thing is, you need to know which one your partner is and RESPECT IT.

Finally, I don’t think there is anything more devastating than putting your relationship business on social media for everyone to see.  He or she made you mad, so you run and tell social media? No. You’ve taken a break (again) and swear you’re done this time so you post it on social media? No. You had a bad break up so you post it on social media to make sure everyone knows you’re single now? No. You’re having issues with trusting your partner so you ask social media? No. That’s such a big problem in today’s world.  Relationship problems are between you and your partner.  Keep it that way. You should be talking to your partner about these things, not everyone else. Not only have you let everyone know your problems, but you’ve allowed them to use it against you in the future.  Never hide your partner, but always hide the business between you and your partner.

Don’t let serious conversations become a text conversation.  Don’t look for validation from others on a choice that only affects you in the long run.  Don’t become so eager to tell social media everything and become content with telling only those who you know truly care about you. Respect your partner and your partner’s wishes when it comes to social media. Do not entertain others with your drama.

A private life is a happy life.

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